You can see a transplant physician within the day
You can be immediately hospitalized for examination and treatment if necessary
Please call the IHC to schedule your appointments.
SNUH IHC(International Healthcare Center)
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  comprehensive range of advanced specialty fields.
- Language supported by SNUH IHC : English, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, Spanish and Russian
To schedule a consultation with specialists, the following information will be required
: Name / Gender / Date of birth, Nationality / Alien Registration card(ARC) number or Korean ID
  number, Phone number / address
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(Korean Won) Liver Kidney
Recipient Workup About 13~18 million KRW About 11~13 million KRW
Operation About 120~140 million KRW About 48~52 million KRW
Donor Workup About 6~8 million KRW About 2~2.5 million KRW
Operation About 27~28 million KRW About 7~10 million KRW
Total Cost) About 166~194 million KRW About 68~78 million KRW
The estimate costs above are based on semi-private room rates.
The actual charges vary more or less, at the completion of the patient's treatment.
These costs do not include additional charges that can occur due to unforeseeable complications.
If additional procedures and/or services are rendered during his/her treatment, he/she will be billed accordingly.
All payments will be made in Korean Won.